Flank Steak

I bought a flank steak at Henry’s and made lunch yesterday and today with it.  I seared it in a pan on high heat for 2-3 mins each side then sliced it up.  I usually tend to overcook meat, but it was nice and rare this time!

I threw the flank steak on top of some spinach with some cilantro, guacamole, and queso. Soooo delicious, and mostly paleo…besides the queso.

My boyfriend made some awesome guacamole.  My guacamole is usually more thick, but he threw everything in the blender and added a little water so it was thinner, and easier to pour on top of a salad.  He used two avocados, a jalapeno, chopped onion, cilantro, a garlic clove, and about half cup of water.

Today’s lunch had some shrimp as well because I only had a little bit of flank steak left. I cooked the shrimp up with some bell peppers and onions then put everything over a bed of spinach, and topped it off with some guacamole.


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One Response to Flank Steak

  1. Hellopaleo says:

    Yummy! guac recipe is a must try 🙂

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