Penne Pesto!

I was inspired to make pesto from Angela’s Kitchen’s Arugula Pesto recipe.   This was my first time making pesto, and it really wasn’t that difficult!  I made a big batch, so I have enough for 2 more dinners.

I followed Angela’s recipe except that I also added spinach and a bit of fresh basil.  I then mixed it with frozen shrimp, quartered canned artichokes, grape tomatoes, more garlic, and DeBoles GF Rice Penne pasta.    Now that I have the pesto ready in the freezer, next time will be a lot faster to throw this together.

– Tracy

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4 Responses to Penne Pesto!

  1. That looks really lovely. Nice looking pasta and nice photo.

  2. Glad the recipe worked out for you! The picture is great. Isn’t it great to have stuff in the freezer for later meals? It sure helps me out!

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