Cookies, Brisket, and Pancakes

Our birthday was on Monday (April 4th).  Last weekend I made a batch of Gluuteny’s chocolate chip cookies as a present to myself.  I had 2 cookies on Friday, 2 on Saturday,  and 2 on Sunday…. and by Monday morning I had a major migraine!  😦

Katie and I detected that we may be  sensitive to “xanthan gum.”  We have noticed that when we eat GF baked goods we sometimes get a dull headache.  I did go overboard with the cookies, and because I ate safe GF foods at home all weekend I realized it was probably something in the cookies.

So yes… I am no longer going to eat these delicious cookies.   I probably could handle having one every now and then, but just the memory of that migraine makes me not want them.

This weekend I also had a brisket sandwich!

I was inspired to make this from The Kitchen Bitch’s blog post.  The meat was so tender and delicious!  I made a 6-lb brisket for a crowd of about 10 people, and it was devoured!  I was kind of sad I didn’t have leftovers…

My brisket was on a Kinnikinnick’s tapioca rice hamburger bun.  They weren’t as sturdy as O’Dough’s buns, but they were softer and had a good flavor.  Also, Kinnikinnick’s doesn’t have any xantham gum in them. 🙂

And for my birthday breakfast I made my favorite…  blueberry pancakes (made with GF bisquick), fresh fruit, bacon, and an over easy egg!

Well besides getting a migraine on Monday, I had a great b-day weekend with lots of good food!

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8 Responses to Cookies, Brisket, and Pancakes

  1. Glad you liked the brisket recipe! I know, isn’t it sad when there aren’t any leftovers?

  2. Yes, my brisket sandwich was so good…. I would love another one! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Bean says:

    Boo that you might be allergic to xathan gum! Have you tried using guar gum? It essentially works the same as xathan, but is not corn based.

    I’ve never had brisket before, but it looks REALLY good! I guess it’s not that surprising given that I didn’t eat beef for like 12 years or so, but now I really want to try it.

    • I have ate stuff with guar gum in it and I haven’t noticed any effects from it though, so I think we are good with that! And brisket is so good, one of my favorite kinds of beef. I grew up eating beef.. my dad usually cooked it a few times a week. I like beef, but I eat it a lot less now… usually once a week or every other week. We actually just got a bbq and made t-bone steaks last night…. post on that will be coming soon!

  4. aevarga says:

    So fun that you tried the GF Bisquik — it’s really good, huh?!

    • Yeah the GF Bisquick is great! The pancakes didn’t even taste very different than non-GF pancakes. The biscuits are a little different texture, but they were also good too!

  5. Our birthdays are almost on the same day. Mine is the 3rd. 🙂

  6. I’ll have everything 🙂

    I couldn’t help it. I can resist everything except temptation.
    –Oscar Wilde

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