Pizza Port in Solana Beach, CA

Last night I went with a few friends to a local pizza place called Pizza Port.  This used to be my favorite place to get pizza, it’s delicious.  When I went gluten free, I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t eat there anymore.  But just this past month, they started serving a gluten free crust.  I was so excited to try it out!

I ordered the Pizza Lahaina, which was topped with pepperoni, pineapple, onion and bell pepper.  I got it with no cheese, since I am dairy free as well.  This was my first time eating pizza without cheese, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it was delicious!! I feel like as long as you put a lot of good topping on, you don’t even miss the cheese.  The gf crust was crispy and had a good sweet flavor.  I was very happy with it.

Another great thing about Pizza Port is their wide selection of beers.  They have so many to choose from.  And the best part is they even have gluten free beers.  Not just one, but three different kinds! I tried Bard’s last night.  It was so good that I had three =P. Good thing I wasn’t driving.

If you are ever in the San Diego area, I recommend Pizza Port all the way!


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3 Responses to Pizza Port in Solana Beach, CA

  1. kitchentutor says:

    I’ve only had Redbridge… going to have to see if I can find Bard’s around here 😉

    • Redbridge is my favorite gluten free beer! Bard’s is pretty good too though. I dont know if you have a Bevmo near you, but I bet you can find other gluten free beers there.

  2. Allie says:

    AWESOME!!! I’m going to be at pizza port tomorrow and i was HOPING they had gluten free options! Hooray!!

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