Breakfast and Dessert

This morning I made Bob’s Red Mill GF Rolled Oats with diced golden delicious apple, sliced banana, cinnamon, honey, and chia seeds.

I cooked the oats with half of the diced apple and put the other half on top.  So half of the apples were warm and soft and the others were crisp still!

And this evening for dessert I had a square of Enjoy Life’s “Boom choco boom” dairy-free rice milk chocolate with crispy rice bar.

It wasn’t too bad.  It definitely was not a rich smooth milk chocolate.. tasted more like a cheap chocolate.  But hey, if you’re eating dairy free it works!

One thing I like about this chocolate though is it says right on the package “Made in a dedicated nut – and gluten – free facility.”

– Tracy

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3 Responses to Breakfast and Dessert

  1. I use the Enjoy Life miniature chocolate chips all the time! You should try them, you’ll love them! I also have the chocolate bars, and I would have to agree…they taste a little waxy. I buy the chocolate chips online in a 5lb. bag for about $40.00. They are SO worth it. Taste way better than the bars.

  2. I’ll try them out. A hanful of chocolate chips will satisfy the chocolate craving just fine!

  3. It was really great hearing from you both the other day. The “Boom Choco Boom” dark chocolate is absolutely amazing 🙂 Definitely a favorite! I have never tried the milk chocolate though. Like you, I also think it is great that the product was made in not only a dedicated gluten free facility, but one that is dairy and nut free as well. Will be sure to try this recipe, which looks really tasty.

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