Tuna Sushi

We only have one restaurant in Wheeling, WV which has sushi on the menu.  It is quite pricey however and not even that great, so I make it at home a lot!

I made…

Avocado and cucumber rolls

Tuna and avocado rolls

Served with spicy mayo (a 1:1 mix of Miracle Whip and Sriracha sauce, so good!!) and soy sauce.

And a tuna plate with avocado and rice balls.

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5 Responses to Tuna Sushi

  1. lackingfunds says:

    1. I am drooling right now.
    2. Those rolls look like you got them at a restaurant! Nicely done!

  2. Thank you! It took a lot of practice to get them looking somewhat pretty! I still sometimes have trouble with them falling apart when I cut them, its still tastes good though!

  3. Bean says:

    You’re definitely a lot more adventurous than me in cooking! I’m pretty sure that I would have just made avocado or cucumber rolls. 😛

    • Avocado and cucumber rolls by themselves are good too! I get a little nervous dealing with raw fish.. but my boyfriend loves raw tuna. I just always make sure that the fish looks and smells really fresh!

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