Airplane Snacks

Hello! I am currently sitting at the San Diego airport waiting to board my flight to Pittsburgh! I am going to visit Tracy for a couple of days for spring break.  I am so excited.  While I am waiting for my flight, I decided to take pictures of my gluten free/dairy free snacks.  I packed plenty of food with me because I didn’t want to take a chance of not finding something gluten free to eat.  Usually airports have an abundance of pastries and muffins, but not too much healthy options.

Here is what I packed…

Udi’s bread toasted with peanut butter.

Clementine cuties.  I love these!  They are way easier to eat then an orange, and not as messy.

Dry chex.  Gotta have something crunchy!

A bag of sliced up strawberries.

Lastly, water!  I hate having to buy water at the airport, I paid $6 for a bottle of water.  But I always have to get one….I am paranoid that I am going to get thirsty on the flight, and the flight attendant won’t give me enough water =P.

And this is what I brought to entertain myself….
A little Seinfeld and John Grisham. Hopefully the flight goes quick!


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6 Responses to Airplane Snacks

  1. Bean says:

    That’s really exciting that both of you are able to get together – I hope you have an amazing time!

    Since I’m cheap and I also worry about not having enough water, I usually bring an empty water bottle with me and fill it up after I pass through security. I’ve never had issues with it except when there was a small amount of water left in them and we either had to drink it up or empty them and take them through security again. haha.

  2. Yeah, I am so happy we get to spend a little time together.

    I never thought about bringing my own water bottle and just filling it up! Such a smart idea. I’ll do that on my flight back home =).

  3. I have wondered what it must be like for twins to be on separate side of the country. Must be hard but glad you get together now and again. I will be on your internal US flights in September so I am hoping while I am in Washington visiting friends, that they take me to places that have lots of snacks that I can buy for the flights.
    I will need to stock up for the flight to get to their place first. I think it is about 18 hours to get to Washington from NZ.

    • Yeah, it is hard not seeing eachother, but I’m glad we get to visit every now and again. An 18 hour flight sounds horrible! I can barely sit still for a 3 hour flight. You’ll definitely need lots of snacks! Have fun in Washington =).

  4. Not as bad as the 24 to 26 hours it takes to get to London to see my son . I guess “them’s the breaks” when we live at the bottom of the world miles from anywhere. 🙂

    • Hehe! That is a cute expression! I’ve never heard anyone say them’s the breaks before. I had to google it to see what it meant.

      Yes, I guess you can handle 18hrs since you’ve done a 26 hour flight! Hopefully you can catch a lot of sleep!

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