Panda Puffs Cereal

Panda Puffs are the bomb!

They taste like Cap’n Crunch to me.  It’s a good snack when you are craving something sweet.

What is your favorite gluten free cereal?


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6 Responses to Panda Puffs Cereal

  1. I’ve had to leave cereal behind all together : ( . I feel it’s expensive and void of any nutrients– I know it’s tasty (even nostalgic). I presume your Panda Puffs are mostly corn? No can do for me; trying to do without both corn and soy. : )

    • Yes, definitely no nutrional value in panda puffs, haha! But they are good when you are craving something not so healthy =). Yeah, they are mostly corn. May I ask why you are staying away from corn and soy?

  2. Anything in moderation is a okay. I totally love popped-corn– It’s the processed corns I worry about coarsing through my veins. Here’s an interesting link on corn:
    And soy:
    It seems much like wheat, we are eating too much of these few products.
    Variety and diversity in your diet is the key!

  3. lackingfunds says:

    Wegmans has a cereal similar to these Panda Puffs, so sometimes I buy that. I buy Wegmans brand in general because it’s the least expensive. I also buy Erewhon when I feel like splurging. They make cereal with dried fruits that have no preservatives!! I will be posting on their cereal soon…

  4. I haven’t seen Wegmans brand before. I have seen Erewhon though. I haven’t tried that brand out yet, but it sounds good!

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