Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is the one meal my family always makes every time we are together.  It is a simple recipe that was passed down from my great-grandma Green.

The biscuits are made from Bisquick following the instructions on the box but replacing the milk with buttermilk.  I was excited when I found out that Bisquick had a gluten-free mix!

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, but my biscuits turned out sorta flat and dense.  The flavor was good, but the texture was grainy and it did not feel very.. “binded.”

My boyfriend was asking me if that is just how the biscuits are, or if I messed up the recipe somehow.  Defensively I replied: “What?  How could I mess up biscuits?  All you have to do is mix the Bisquick with shortening, milk, and eggs and .. oh……….”   Yes, I forgot to add the eggs to the mix!

So, I am going to have to make these biscuits one more time before determining whether I would buy Bisquick Gluten-Free mix again.

Now my gravy on the other hand was amazing!  It tasted exactly the same as when I used to make it with wheat flour, maybe even better!

Bacon Gravy Recipe

  • 1 package of bacon (or gluten-free sausage)
  • 1/2 cup sweet white rice flour
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch
  • 12oz evaporated milk (1 can)
  • 1 – 2 cups of milk (or water)

Cook the bacon or sausage in a deep frying pan.  I typically use sausage because I like the flavor of sausage gravy better, but I couldn’t find any sausage at Kroger’s that did not contain MSG!

Leave the grease in the pan when the bacon is finished.  Add the rice flour and corn starch to the grease and whisk until there are no lumps.  Turn the stove to medium or medium-high.  Frequently stir the mixture so that the bottom doesn’t scorch.  The gravy will begin to bubble, let it boil for about 1 -2 minutes.

Slowly mix in the evaporated milk stirring constantly.  If the gravy becomes very thick, mix in the cup of milk or water.  Let the gravy cook for about 5 to 10 minutes on a medium-low heat.  Add more milk or water as needed to thin out gravy.  (When making gravy with bacon it is usually flavorful enough to be thinned with water, when I make a sausage gravy however I like to thin with milk.)

There is nothing nutritious about biscuits and gravy, but this is a great breakfast for special occasions!


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7 Responses to Biscuits and Gravy

  1. GoodBye Gluten says:

    I squeeled (literally) in the grocery aisle when they first came out with the GF Bisquick. People gave me funny looks, but I didn’t care. I had chicken & biscuits that night and was in heaven. This weekend I made eggs benedict and used these biscuits. Yum. 🙂 Your bacon gravy looks delish.

  2. Thanks! I’m looking forward to trying all my favorite Bisquick recipes.. I think the pancakes is next on my list. 🙂

  3. He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be otherwise. ~Henry David Thoreau

    I love biscuits and gravy. Impossible to get them here.

    I had to look this up to back myself up – but according to the University of Chicago’s Celiac Center, their list of things that are safe to consume include MSG. It is gluten free. If it was for some other reason that you didn’t want MSG, I understand but I didn’t want you to think you couldn’t have it!
    Also, don’t give up on Bisquick! I’ve used it for snickerdoodles, coffee cake, and more and it’ great!

    • Thanks for letting me know! I thought I had read somewhere that MSG wasn’t safe, I guess I remembered wrong. 😦 Well that is good to know because I was wanting to buy some italian sausages to make with spaghetti, but I didn’t because they all contained MSG too! I have some leftover gravy I froze, so I’m definitely going to give those biscuits another try probably next weekend!

  5. Lindsey says:

    I’ll have to tell Eric you guys put this up! He’s been craving biscuits and gravy for awhile 🙂

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