Burger, Fries, and a Beer!

A few days ago I got a major hamburger craving, so I decided Friday night would be burger night!

The only hamburger buns I could find were these O’Doughs White Buns.  I really didn’t have very high expectations because they looked very thin and I thought they would fall apart, but decided to give them a chance.

Now doesn’t that look like a puny hamburger bun?

I baked the bun in the oven for about 10 minutes, sliced it in half, buttered the insides, and toasted it on the griddle.  Even though it looked like a weak bun, that thing strongly held together my massive cheesy burger patty, lettuce and tomatoes, and globs of ketchup, mustard and mayo!

The hamburger patty is made from locally raised beef and the fries are russet potatoes fried in peanut oil and sprinkled with seasoning salt.  I decided to put the extra effort into making homemade french fries for this meal because I don’t eat them much anymore.  There aren’t any restaurants around here that I imagine have their own separate deep fryers for the french fries, so I just don’t risk it!

And washed that all down with a Redbridge Sorghum beer.  This is the only GF beer that I have tried so far, but it is very good!

Eating this big messy homemade burger made me feel like I wasn’t missing out on anything in the non-GF food world.  This burger gave me the same happy and homey feeling as the burgers we ate growing up around the dinner table with my family, or the burgers we ate camping at Bright Lake that my dad bbq’d over the wood fire, or the bacon cheeseburgers that me and Katie made on our first solo camping trip in the middle of God-knows-where where I literally got about 200 mosquito bites!

Anyways, I’m happy to know that I can make a burger that tastes just as good and brings back all those good memories of homemade burgers with my family.  🙂

– Tracy

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2 Responses to Burger, Fries, and a Beer!

  1. gabbysgfree says:

    Those burger buns look amazing! I’m jealous. Also – have you tried Bard’s gluten-free beer? It is also a super tasty option!

    • I was very impressed with those buns! RedBridge is the only GF beer i’ve tried so far because the store near me doesn’t have a very large selection. I’m going to go to their website though and see where I can find some Bard’s near me!

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