Chex Cereal

It’s nice to find out that a food you always loved is gluten free!

Chex cereal has 5 gluten free flavors: rice, corn, honey nut, chocolate, and cinnamon.  Our favorite is Rice Chex.  The honey nut is also good, but very sweet, so it’s best to mix the two!

And handful of dry Chex makes a good snack on the run…

What is your favorite gluten free cereal?

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4 Responses to Chex Cereal

  1. I LOVE Chex. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and it is not available here. However, everyone I know who goes to the US always picks up a few boxes for me when they come back. My husband went a few months ago and brought back 15 boxes!!!! My favourite flavours are rice and honey nut as well. But I do like the cinnamon every now and again – especially as a snack at night.

  2. Yeah, Chex are so good. That’s cute that your husband brought you home 15 boxes! haha!

  3. I love the Chex also! I don’t eat any of the other kinds of GF cereal (the special organic, dairy-free, egg-free…etc) because they kinda taste like cardboard…but the Chex are really good. Also they’re good for desserts…if you go to you can find tons of GF recipes, my favorite is the caramel chocolate chex, it’s amazing!

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