Van’s Wheat-Gluten Free Waffles

Van’s waffles are like frozen Eggo waffles, but healthier.  We were never really big Eggo-eaters because growing up we also had Bisquick and a waffle maker on hand.  Since becoming gluten free, we haven’t tried to make our own pancakes or waffles yet, but we have both tried Van’s waffles!

Van’s has a whole variety of gluten free waffles like blueberry, apple cinnamon, and flax as well as a variety of organic waffles.  Katie tried the “flax” wheat-free gluten free waffles and I tried the “apple cinnamon” wheat-free gluten free waffles.

Tracy’s review of Van’s “Apple Cinnamon” waffles:

This toaster waffle was good, but didn’t have a very strong apple cinnamon flavor, maybe because I put peanut butter and honey on my waffle it overpowered it.   The waffle does have a grainy texture and is a little crumbly, but after you add some butter, syrup, or peanut butter it makes it is good.  I would definitely buy these again because they make an easy lazy morning breakfast and are only 115 calories per waffle!

Katie’s review of Van’s Flax waffles:

These waffles are delicious!  Like Tracy said, they are a little crumbly.  I had a hard time spreading butter on my waffle without it crumbling.  Melting the butter first seemed to do the trick though. I also put a little maple syrup on top.  They make a perfect snack or a quick and easy breakfast.  I will definitely buy these waffles again.

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4 Responses to Van’s Wheat-Gluten Free Waffles

  1. missbarns says:

    I like Van’s gf blueberry waffles (with peanut butter and jelly on top).

    I toast my waffles in the oven (broiling them for about 3 minutes on each side). It makes the waffle crispier!

    Whenever we do sandwiches and don’t have gf bread in the house, I just use Van’s Toasted waffles 🙂

  2. Using them as sandwich bread is a good idea! I’m going to try that.

  3. If you have a Trader Joes (either of you), they have great waffles that I think are better than Van’s, although those are good too. I enjoy waffles sometimes, because they’re something different. My brother likes using the waffles for the “bread” of a breakfast sandwich. 🙂

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