DeBoles Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheese

This is our first product review!

Going gluten free isn’t that bad as long as you have substitutes of the essentials, which includes macaroni and cheese!

De Boles rice macaroni and cheese wasn’t too shabby.  It did have sort of a “grainy” texture which is similar to the texture of whole wheat pasta.  But unlike whole wheat pastas, the flavor of the noodle doesn’t overpower the cheese.  The cheese is a “white cheddar” like cheese and doesn’t have a really strong flavor but is nice and creamy.

Overall, we give it a thumbs up, but we would probably buy Annie’s gluten free macaroni and cheese, which is more “Kraft mac and cheese”-like, over De Boles unless it is on sale or the only option.

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2 Responses to DeBoles Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheese

  1. Robin says:

    Yummy stuff so far. Love you both!

  2. Thanks mom =). You’re our first loyal reader!

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